May 11, 2020: We will be closed for regular service for the following two weekends, the 15th-18th & 22nd-24th. (For more information on why we're hitting the pause button, click here.) We *do* have a special Heartbreaker BBQ package available on the 24th (with delivery options!). If you see our lights on during this time, it's because we're still making shelter meals & honoring our volunteer commitments. We look forward to getting back into the swing of things on the 29th! 


The world is more than a little weird & hard right now, but we're still here! We have our full coffee menu, our breakfast sandwiches, most of our usual pastries (at least, until they sell out!), & a variety of market items for stocking your pantry, fridge, or freezer, from quarts of soup to bags of coffee, house-made granolas to infused salts to inspire your own kitchen adventures, tasty fermented hot sauces to bubbly rosé for brunch-y mornings, & so much more. 

We're taking many, many precautions in order to operate in a responsible way, including social distancing. Please consider ordering online to allow us to easily provide a zero-contact experience! Plus, it means you're more likely to get a cardamom roll than if you just show up. If we see crowding out front, no one gets a cardamom roll. Just our house rules, y'all. 

A note about placing an order for "ASAP": we do our best to adjust our pickup times to reflect when we can reasonably have your order ready. We know a 20-30 minute wait might feel like a long time to pick up a latte, but at this time, we are operating with very minimal staff, & I promise, we're moving as fast as we can without sacrificing the quality you're accustomed to. Please keep an eye on your phone! If we're able to get your order ready quicker than your quoted pickup time, or need to move your pickup by a few minutes to help with social distancing, we'll send you a text.

You can absolutely walk up & order, but please keep in mind that we aren't directly handling cash or credit cards, & that we may already have a queue of espresso drinks & breakfast sandwiches in front of your order. If you're just looking for a cold brew & one of our delicious cinnamon pecan coffee cakes, though, that's usually easy-peasy! Walkup orders can order on our site & select "pickup ASAP", or order from us directly (albeit from 6 ft away) & pay either via Venmo (this is great! it makes it easy on us! we're @hungryheartpdx) or by holding your card up against the window so we can manually enter it (we may not be able to accommodate ordering in this fashion if we're in the weeds). 


If you're staying home 100%? That's great! Stay safe. <3 When we have the capacity to handle additional orders, we have limited but delicious offerings on Grubhub.


These are choppy waters we're navigating, & we appreciate your adaptability. Please know that while certain parts of our new system might feel a little awkward, we're doing the best we can. Thank you so much for your continued support-- we're committed to figuring out how to continue to be a part of your daily lives as long as it feels prudent, & to getting through this one way or another! 


team Hungry Heart & Heartbreaker

PS-- Yes, we're still working on White Rabbit. We're excited to open those doors as soon as it's possible--- while it's a little later & a little different than what we planned, we're still committed to serving our beloved neighborhood. For more on our current White Rabbit plans, visit us at

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