July 25, 2020

Friends & neighbors: we’ll be closing after this Sunday’s service & taking a short break to make some necessary changes. Most notably: we’ll be moving Hungry Heart operations to 7940 SE Stark St!


Like so many other small businesses, we’ve had a lot to juggle in the past few months, & big decisions to make about how to move forward. After a *lot* of thought, we’ve chosen to put White Rabbit on a temporary hold. You can find out more at www.whiterabbitpdx.com. 


We’ll be reopening on August 14th, with Heartbreaker Market, featuring goods from Heartbreaker, other local makers, & a variety of intentionally sourced kitchen staples. We’re also making some updates to the Hungry Heart menu, including adding a few take-out-friendly brunch options on the weekend, just to give you a peek at some of what we hope to do with White Rabbit in the future. 

What's going on with our space on 80th St? We're going to make the most of the end of summer! Heartbreaker will be bringing back their small-batch ice cream, with scoops, pints, sundaes, & more. More details on that coming so, so soon!

We love y'all. We're so grateful for your support, & look forward to seeing you over at 7940 SE Stark! 

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