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"It's rare you find a neighborhood spot where you feel like family. The staff is friendly, weird, and oddly knowledgeable in all things cup and cake."

T.L., via yelp

(it's true, we are.)

Our fearless leader is a Gryffindor who loves dogs, cardamom, & their grandma's horchata. When they're not working, they're probably still working, because #smallbizlife, but also enjoy riding their motorcycle, gardening, & spending time with their wife. Jax isn't *just* an amazing baker: they also did all the woodworking in the bakery!
Our general manager is kind, funny, & eternally level-headed. Greg is passionate about creating extraordinary food experiences & spearheads our savory program. While some folks are working for the weekend, Greg is working for Mondays, because wrestling! Greg is in his own Hogwarts house, & it is Metal; the mascot is a Chicago Dog.
Bakery manager Caitlin is a Ravenclaw who bakes exceptionally pretty muffins, always has perfect eyeliner, & is the shop expert on how to make all that gluten-free magic happen. When she's not wrangling the 5am bake, she's gleefully sleeping in, unless she's camping, in which case s'mores are a breakfast food, right?
Assistant manager Taylor is a jill-of-all-trades: she can draw a cat in your latte foam, forms pastry like a pro, & manages our rotating art program. She enjoys taking glamorous but serious-looking selfies, propagating plants, & writing yelp reviews. Taylor claims to be a Slytherin, but is actually 19% unicorn, so she probably lives in the Dark Forest.
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